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adm - Modules

Range of functions of PMS

The most important PMS functions at a glance:

MDA - data visualization and data analysis

In the MDA client, numerous functions are available with which you can visualize and evaluate the collected machine data.

Data visualization

With the help of our layout function, you can see all machine states of all connected machines, in a digital layout. This layout can represent your machine, your production line or your entire plant. Just the way you want it. In addition to this layout function, we visualize production data directly on the shop floor. For this we use Andon boards, which are placed in the plant.

Data evaluation

The "operating states" analysis function is available for the collected machine states. In this area, you can display all machine states over a specific period of time for selected machines or entire areas. In addition, you can evaluate the error messages of your machines in the MDA client and optionally link them to the manually recorded data of the "Fault Reason App".

Just as important as the evaluation of the machine states is the evaluation of the production figures. In the MDA client, you can filter and graphically display this evaluation, just like the previous evaluations. This is also possible with the cycle times.

The area that displays the efficiency figures is also particularly helpful. Here you can see evaluations of Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), Mean-Time-To-Repair (MTTR) and downtimes (Downtime Analysis).


MDA - data acquisition

The MDA module collects the data that can be obtained directly from your machine. To obtain this data, we prefer to expand the plc programs of your machines. If this is not possible because the production system under consideration is still producing or does not have its own plc, we have several alternative ways of data acquisition in our repertoire. At the beginning of each cooperation we work out the right solution for your equipment, no matter whether the equipment is working with the latest Siemens plc or whether the equipment under consideration is for example a bending machine, which performs its work without an own plc.

Different evaluation methods of the QDM-Client

Our PMS represents the connection to your ERP system. Through our standardized interface, your production orders enter our software environment. 

Within our appealing user interface, you are able to track how far your orders have already been processed and which orders will be produced next at any time. If necessary, you can react flexibly and quickly to change requests and make manual corrections within the PMS interface. The changes made there are fed back to your ERP system, as is the progress of all orders.

Furthermore, with our PMS you are able to manage the recipes of different variants and guide workers through the individual manufacturing processes. For this purpose, we have created a feature called "Workflow Manager". You are able to provide work instructions and 3D drawings at the respective manual workstation. The worker interacts with the system via an HMI and is guided through the manufacturing process. This increases transparency as well as the quality of your produced parts.

Additional data can be collected within the Workflow Manager. This includes measurement data that the worker enters manually for example.

Shopfloor with Andon Boards, Data from MDA

QDM - data visualization and data analysis

The QDM client presents the acquired data with quality reference. The most important component is the production history which is created for every part. This report works like a resume and shows from which semi-finished products or individual components the respective assembly or the finished product was assembled. In addition, all recorded process parameters from the manufacturing process of the part are documented here.

Within the QDM client, however, it is also possible to display and evaluate comprehensive analyses of many components with a focus on one process.

Evaluation options within the MDA client:

Evaluation options within the QDM client:

QDM - data acquisition

With our QDM, we change the perspective from which we look at production. Within the QDM module, we focus entirely on your components and track them in terms of quality at every turn. This means that you are always informed about where your components are located and which individual components have been installed in an assembly. Furthermore, we collect and store quality-relevant process parameters.

The data can be collected into our system in different ways and from several sources. Sources, for example, can be a PLC, a data collector or an external production device. Data is imported into our system via the appropriate interfaces.

Machine Data Analysis (MDA): Always know what is happening in the machine park

Quality Data Management (QDM): Achieve the production quality your products deserve

Production Management System (PMS): Control your production simply, quickly and flexibly