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adm - one system, many possibilities

Record machine, quality and additive data from your production environment.

Together with our experts, define which data should be included in the concept workshop using a digital Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA).

No longer rely on your gut feeling, but make data-based decisions

Numerous evaluations and key figures such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) can be called up web-based at any time.

Increase the transparency of your production, for example through intelligent andon boards

Quickly implement a digital production management system (PMS) with an interface to your ERP system.

Our system is from the user for users

Not only do we supply you with a software package, but we also implement it in your production environment. We are the specialist for data acquisition in your machinery.

Over 20 years of experience - developed in-house

Over 20 years of experience - developed in-house

Process knowledge meets data competence

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) function like the nervous system of any fully automated production lines: They are directly connected to the various interfaces to the machine level. MES can guide, control and monitor production in real time. We have the process knowledge from many decades of manufacturing and optimization. The development of adm was not an order to develop an external manufacturing control system, but we used it to optimize our own manufacturing assembly lines. Thus adm was developed directly from the user's perspective.

20 years of experience in software development for

  • Order control

  • Machine data acquisition & analysis

  • Quality data acquisition

Developed by users for users

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