Application example - adm in body manufacturing

adm plans work processes, monitors the machines and their qualitative output, lists the most important statistics on production and sends information linked to key figures to the smart devices of the responsible managers or technicians - all they have to do is tackle the problem in the right place. The focus here is on the workers and planners because the question during development always was: How can we make life easier for those who are directly responsible for production?

Before the first start-up, the production plants of then thyssenkrupp System Engineering GmbH (now tk Automotive Body Solutions) were working without any supporting systems: Our employees had to rely in part on classic handwritten notes - and were therefore very reactive in their organization. Jérôme Newie reports: "We rarely had any way of recognizing: Is the value creation or operational process within the target range or not? Without a system like adm, you are constantly running after the information. The delay until I receive information is sometimes so great that a new situation has already occurred. We wanted to change that." adm already supports dozens of plants of our customers in the automotive sector in Germany, the USA, China, Hungary, England, Italy, India, Thailand, Vietnam, France, Romania and Russia in this task.

Since the beginning of my time at thyssenkrupp, as a production manager and later as a plant manager, I permanently had to deal with the topic of the value chain. I always wanted a system like this!

Nathalie Kiesel, Project Lead Digital Shopfloor Solutions at thyssenkrupp Automotive Body Solutions

Real-time visualization in production

  • The production reports to adm which number of pieces have just been produced in which sub-area or where there may been a problem.

  • The maintenance department is shown in detail which system is in which condition.

  • For logistics, there is a control station that shows which stocks are currently in the plant or in the warehouse. If material is missing, adm issues a corresponding warning.

  • The status of the individual components is reported to the colleagues from quality assurance.

  • Active "alert management" informs those responsible at the right time.

55 different visualizations via large-screen displays - we prepare the display of the data as required by the persons responsible for the respective production sections, for example large-screen via Andon boards.

Nathalie Kiesel, Project Lead Digital Shopfloor Solutions at thyssenkrupp Automotive Body Solutions